About Us

We are passionate search professionals dedicated to Delivering Seamless TECH and HR recruitment services to our

Leaders in Finance and Tech SMEs throughout London. We are a specialist in our field and have deeper understanding of various tools and technologies that are pivotal to YOU and Company’s growth.

We pride in our passion in providing the RIGHT FIT for both, the employers, and employees by providing bespoke recruitment services.

Our Core Values


We are driven by an unwavering passion for delivering top-tier services and creating exceptional value for our clients.


We believe simplicity is the best policy and We believe in a crystal-clear approach that is easily understood by all.


We provide a clear insight about our value-added unique processes, so that you can make an informed decision.

Nafeesa Vora
Manha Resource Solutions

Nafeesa brings a wealth of local and international experience spanning numerous industries, such as IT and data services, enterprise software, finance, pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods, media, and the charity sector. Her peers regard her as one of the most technically adept professionals in the recruitment field today. She is renowned for her passion in delivering top-notch services and creating value for clients.

After over 14 years in IT recruitment and HR, Nafeesa decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and venture out independently, despite the inherent risks involved. An ambitious entrepreneur at heart, she possesses the drive and hunger to succeed in the business world.

Nafeesa is committed to providing seamless Tech and HR recruitment solutions to founders of finance and tech SMEs throughout the UK, aiding them in their mission to revolutionize their respective industries.

She looks forward to achieving great accomplishments TOGETHER!